Strong Youth, Strong Communities. SYSC. The world needs young people like you who are stepping up to transform themselves and their communities. SYSC is a nationwide campaign designed to help you do that.

SYSC is led by the Centene Corporation, in partnership with the Pro Football Hall of Fame, national non-profit organizations, and local community service providers.

SYSC brings teens together at Youth Summits to learn life and leadership skills that help unlock their potential. Attendees at SYSC Youth Summits stand with thousands of other young people across the country to show that they, and YOU, have what it takes to learn, grow, and be heard. SYSC Summits aim to empower you and other young people to speak your truths, express your feelings and share ideas with other young people in a safe environment.

The Pro Football Hall of Famers who host SYSC Summits share their personal stories of challenges and obstacles and their strategies to achieve success to inspire and motivate young people like you to think for yourselves, to make positive choices and to develop self-confidence.

The SYSC website and app offer resources and tools from a variety of sources, including Pro Football Hall of Famers and our other partners that you can use to achieve your dreams and be a leader at school, at home, and in your communities.

As Pro Football Hall of Famer Darrell Green likes to say: "Stay Engaged and Stay Strong"